Good quality paving blocks:
If you want to produce paving blocks with good quality, then you definitely need good quality paving block materials.
Especially on the composition. The composition of the materials for making paving blocks must comply with the standards.
If it is not according to the standards, the paving blocks will easily grow moss and will be damaged quickly.
Paving blocks that are overgrown with moss indicate that the quality of the paving material is of low quality.

So that the production of paving blocks has large pores.
The effect of these large pores results in high water absorption.
And the impact on paving block humidity.
Mossy paving blocks are a sign that the humidity is high because it is influenced by its water absorption capacity.

Therefore, to maintain the quality of paving blocks, we must pay attention to the composition of the ingredients so that we get what we want.
The raw materials for making paving blocks include sand with good gradations, cement as a binder, and other mixed ingredients
such as stone ash, fly ash, lime, and other materials that can improve the quality of paving blocks.
With the ingredients mentioned above, it will produce good paving quality according to what we want

Composition of Paving Block Making Materials
Meanwhile, the composition of paving block materials generally uses a ratio of 1: 3, 1: 4, and 1: 5 for cement compared to sand.
Based on the research results, the addition of fly ash as a substitute for cement to make paving blocks got satisfactory results.
With a composition of 30% by weight of cement for quality I (400 kg/cm2),
for quality II (300 kg/cm2) it is 40% and for quality III (200 kg/cm2) it reaches 50% by weight of cement (Andriati AH et al, 1990; Abdurachim A. et al, 1993).